+ Big Kid

2 - 6 years

+ Big Kid

2 - 6 years

Wishing that nights were easier?

That you could put your child to bed, without any power struggles? That middle of the night wakings could just disappear? Let me share a secret: All children can and want to sleep, they just need to fall in love with sleep (and I can tell you how to do that)!

Are you...

–  Currently battling every single night to put your child to bed?
–  Tired of the endless bedtime demands?
– Waiting for hours until your child falls asleep so that you can ninja walk out of the room?
–  Helping your child back to sleep 2, 3, or even 5 times during the night?
–  Wishing you could just have a day with a peaceful, consistent nap or quiet time?
–  Not enjoying the cuddles anymore?
–  Constantly having visitors climb into your bed at night?
–  Just wanting to get better sleep?
–  Considering sleep coaching but crying it out doesn’t seem right to you?
–  Craving some “ME” time or time with your partner?

Are you ready to...

All of this can be a reality, just pick from one of the plans below!

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If you are wondering if this will work for your child, the answer is YES, YES, YES! We will work with multiple positive discipline tools and a sleep plan for your child that fits their unique temperament and your family’s dynamic. Your child will be invited to collaborate at bedtime and empower them to take an active role in their bedtime preparations. This means = no bedtime struggles, no night wakings, no early mornings and no more night visitors!

Children are capable of incredible things, they just need the right tools and the right team behind them!  The key to a good night’s sleep is making sure that all of the pieces are in place, and I’m here to help you get all those pieces in order and achieve full  nights for your child, and the rest of your family. My expertise, guidance, and client-led approach will set you up for sleep success, in a way that fits your parenting style.

Choose the best plan for you:

The Basic Details

Navigating your child’s sleep (and everyday feelings) can sometimes feel like a wild ride – when everything is going smoothly, you suddenly hit a new turn or fall. Imagine if in just 45 minutes, you could have the answers you needed to get your sleeper back on track? It is possible! 

If your toddler or child has the ability to fall asleep independently (congrats on establishing that habit), and you are in need of  some quick, actionable advice to troubleshoot some current sleep issues, then all you need is a BASIC package. An advice-packed call to get your family’s sleep back in a good place. In just 45 minutes, I’ll use my extensive sleep expertise to help you solve your sleep problems, immediately. 

Nap transitions, early wakings, regressions, travel and illness – I have the answers!I will also take notes to send to you once our call is over!  Now the fun part – you will not be on your own right away! You will also get 3 follow up emails to use at your convenience to ask any questions you might have about your child’s sleep. 

At the end of the call, you will walk away with a list of actionable items that will help you solve your current sleep struggles, all while creating a positive association with bedtime for your child. 

You get a 45 min video call, an email with all the notes from our discussion, and 3 follow up emails to answer any questions you might have along the way. 

The Standard Details

I know that getting your child sleeping through the night is something you really want, but it can be an overwhelming process with the amount of information out there – and your lack of time & energy (the power struggles seem to have no end). Everyone dreams of having a good sleeper, but hardly anyone knows how to get there!! 

You are currently struggling with a child who needs your constant presence to fall asleep, or wakes up multiple times at night, or crawls into your bed at night and refuses to go back to their own room. You have read about different sleep coaching methods but you want to find the right one for you and your child, without doing something you don’t feel comfortable with or that will ruin your child’s feelings towards sleep. 

The Standard package will provide you with the comprehensive plan, tools and support you need to successfully help your child fall in love with sleep – with a method that matches your parenting philosophy. Ready for better sleep… your way?

What if you had someone with you, every step of the way, helping you troubleshoot small issues, and holding your hand while you work on your child’s sleep with an approach that feels right to you? If you want to know exactly what to do to get full nights and keep them, all while having a sleep expert by your side – the Standard plan is right for you.

I will be your go-to sleep expert! Here is what working with me will look like: 

If you are thinking that your child is not going to be able to do this (they have never been good sleepers, you have never seen them fall asleep on their own, or they might have more than 5 night wakings), I can assure you that your child is capable of ANYTHING! With the standard sleep program I will give you all the tools and support you need to be your child’s team and cheerleaders, and guide you through the process of establishing a solid sleep foundation that will allow them to sleep through the night and have a positive association with bedtime and sleep. 

With the Standard Sleep Plan, you get a personalized sleep plan, a  45 min video consultation, daily check-ins and support for three weeks, 1 – 30 minute phone calls and a 30 minute wrap up call to celebrate your sleep success. 

The Premium Details

If you are completely overwhelmed and tired with the whole sleep situation – the Premium plan is perfect for you! I will set you up for sleep success by creating a tailored sleep plan with all the information you will ever need about your child’s sleep, and I will also be by your side for three full weeks to make sure that you are able to reach all of your sleep goals. I will be your new best friend who will support you when you need it, who will listen to any concerns, and who will have all the sleep answers you want, when you need them…Ready to get everyone in your family the sleep they deserve?

This is the plan that dreams are made of! Taking care of a child (and yourself!) feels like a lot of guesswork, it’s been years  since you had a good night’s sleep and you are exhausted from trying to figure out the whole sleep situation. You have scrolled endlessly through different sleep consultant’s profiles (and I’m so happy you made it here!) and you just want to press a button and magically have your child sleeping through the night. 

Well, the BOOK NOW button below is as close as it gets! If you book the PREMIUM plan, you will have a step by step, comprehensive sleep plan and all of the weekly support you need to get you to where you want to be: sleeping through the night. 

I will be right by your side, helping you get the rest you need in a way that feels right to you! Here is what working with me in the Premium plan looks like:

The perfect moment to work on your child’s sleep habits is NOW! With my training and expertise, I will recognize specific issues and help you put all of the sleep pieces into the right place. I will also be right there by your side to encourage and support you while you teach your child the highly important skill of independent sleep so that they can thrive with all of the restorative benefits of a good night’s sleep.  

With the PREMIUM Sleep Plan, you get a personalized sleep plan, a  45 min video consultation, daily check ins and support for 3 weeks, 2 – 30 minute phone calls, a 30 minute wrap up call to celebrate your sleep success and 3 follow up emails to be used at your convenience after the plan is over. 

Now hit the magic button below 😉

Sleep - with an approach that feels right for you!

As a mom, I know how important it is to follow your instinct, and at the end of the day, no one knows your child better than you! I support my clients with a client led approach, which means that we will do sleep your way! I don’t believe there is not a single way to reach an specific goal, especially in parenting! You will get better sleep for your family in a way that feels right for you!

I will give you all of my knowledge and newborn sleep insights, and I promise to help you get better rest with a method that fits your parenting style, family dynamics, and your child’s unique temperament!

Client love!

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